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Do You | Dream Big| Stay Solid

1101 BRAND was created with the purpose to build a community of people who connect with to our ethos: Do You. Dream Big. Stay Solid. Our mission is to be more than a dope brand, but a movement bringing people together. 

Using large size sunglasses and apparel as common ground to connect is only the beginning, it goes deeper than that.


Our stories bring us together, our stories are who we are; our stories are how we are remembered. We encourage the sharing of your stories with us, through photos, social media posts or shot outs and reviews. We love to getting a glimpse into the the lives of other people and weaving them into the fabric of our story.  

We post a monthly blog sharing stories and thoughts about life lessons learned, with the goal of bringing a new or refreshed perspective or even hope to situations you may experience in life. 

We all walk our own paths through life, but we can walk some of that together. Long roads are best traveled with great company. 

Where ever life takes you: Do You| Dream Big | Stay Solid!  

Much Love!


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