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Choose Your Own Adventure

"This your life you can play with it. You make your bed , you gon' lay in it. Do your thing, just be safe with it" Nipsey Hustle - Face the World

"I am not the product of my circumstances, I am the product of my decisions" - Stephen Covey


Have you ever just been in a mood? You know when you're feeling some type of way about something or everything. Then that mood spills over to the rest of you day, evening or life? I think we have all been there.

Remember the choose your own adventure books? They had stories within stories that made you choose how the story would end. You had to make several choices throughout out the story that would either bring Timmy to the treasure or get him eaten alive by some monster or falling off a cliff. They were usually pretty dramatic from what I remember. Some of you might be thinking, nah man, I have no idea what you're talking about and you're losing me.

Uh, what was that all about? you might be asking. Well it's really just a reminder of something I find myself forgetting somethings. What's that? Choice. We all have the power of choice and use it hundreds of times a day. Some simple, like what to wear, eat, listen to, exercise or rest. Others that are not easy, having bigger consequences on our lives, like taking a job, moving to another state, getting in or out of a relationship.

Choices guide our lives and lead to different destinations. Each choice has a consequence either favorable or negative, like finding treasure or falling off the cliff in the choose your own adventure books. Life in itself is not inherently good or bad, it's just life. The situations and events we experience however can be. This is when the power to choose is sometimes forgotten, and we cecum to the aftermath and emotions of events.

In every situation in life, if we do not make a choice someone else is ready to choose for us. I can remember times in my own life when I accepted someone else's choice for my life. How to act, what to like, who to be friends with, music I listened to, etc. Every time I surrendered my choice it ended unfavorably.

Part of the 1101 BRAND ethos is Do You. Sounds easy enough right? But in a world where there are some many people and things fighting to influence you, it can be difficult. To quote Socrates - "to find yourself, think for yourself ". To think for yourself requires choosing yourself and your path. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you are always right and your perspective or opinion is the only one. It means doing what is best for you and the outcome you want in your life. In the end, our lives end up as the sum total of all our decisions, or choices. Only you can create the life you want. Only you can fulfill your purpose. Only you know the paths you dream of taking. Choose your own adventure.

Do You. Dream Big. Stay Solid.

1101 BRAND

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