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It All Has A Cost


Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound” – James Allen

“How you do one thing, is how you do everything”


You’re in a store and find the item you want to buy, but there is no price tag or sticker. It’s something you’ve been looking for and it’s the last one, so you must get it. You make your way to the check out, handing it to the cashier and use all your might to not say “no price tag, so that means it’s free right?”. You know it’s not and save the dad joke for another time. The cashier finds the cost, rings you up, you pay then leave happy with find, life is good.

The alternative, you pass up the find only to see someone you don’t really care for rocking it, getting compliments, and telling everyone how much of a deal it was. You try to fight the pettiness, but today it’s on easy. Each decision costs either money or mental and emotional capital. While it’s a materialistic example it can be seen across all areas of life.

We want more money but costs more time and effort.

We want to be in shape, but it costs proper eating and exercise. We are tired of feeling tired but stay up late or drink too much caffeine. We want happiness but compare our lives to others. We want new experiences but don't try new things. All simple decisions but not easy to do. But if we do, a new perspective, a new life is waiting for us.

Our habits and mentality drive our decision making, that will influence our life. If we want to change but continue to choose to do the same behaviors, we will be stuck in the situations we are in. Different outcomes require different actions, and price of those actions usually involve some level of discomfort. You can live with the discomfort of change or live with the discomfort of the things you don't change, it all has a price!

Much Love!

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