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Don't Forget to RSVP


"Success is responding to an invitation to change, to grow, to develop, and to become-- an invitation to move up to a better place to gain a better vantage point." -- Jim Rohn

"this your life you can play with it. You make your bed, your gon' lay in it" -- Nipsey Hustle (Face the World)


You check your mail/email and see an invitation for a wedding, birthday party or special event. Most have some variation of "don't forget to" or "please RSVP by". You either reply right away, or you toss it to the side with the best intentions, to reply. Next think you know, it's ends up on your to-do list and you completely forget about it.

Getting invitations are either a source or joy or anxiety depending on who is sending it and what it's for. Life sends us invitations everyday, with the choice to stay the same or make changes. When we are in a comfortable routine, it can be difficult to break to improve. The familiar feels good especially the easy things. I love a good lazy day, eating foods trash but taste food, binge watching shows/movies all day doing anything. But if you want more out of your life, then you can't do those things all the time and expect to have more.

To me, success looks like being balanced but disciplined. Having self imposed boundaries, accountability for my actions, being clear headed, and being the type of person that I would want to be in my life. It takes keeping my word to others and most importantly myself. It's say no to things that don't serve me in a positive way, in order to say yes to the those that do. Actively working towards a desired outcome even when the results are not immediate. Being kind, truthful, humble, committed, intentional, and disciplined.

People will see success through a different lenses. My hope is that whatever your vision of success is, that it you will answer the call to action and achieve it. Each morning when you get that invitation to change, to grow, to develop, don't forget to RSVP.

Much Love

Where ever life takes you: Do You | Dream Big | Stay Solid

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