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The Left at Albuquerque

"It's not at dead-end; it's a redirection" - Kristen Wetherell

"Be thankful for closed doors, detours & roadblocks. They protect you from paths & places not meant for you" -Unknown
"Things work out in the end. If it hasn't worked out yet, then it's not the end" -Unknown


As a child I grew up watching Looney Tunes, as I write this I no longer feel young anymore, but if you get the reference, we are old together. Several Bugs Bunny episodes start with him appearing to be lost, saying the phrase" I should have taken the left at Albuquerque." A strange phrase and even though I never understood why he said it, I remember it. The whole episode he would be trying to get direction or help for someone who was trying to kill him or eat him. He would always get away and make they regret trying to harm him a comical way.

Something I never noticed until now, is he never turned around and went back the direction he came from. Instead he just made corrections to his path and keep going forward. I guess as a kid you don't really pay attention to those types of things, at least I never did. I just focused on him tricking the people or animals who were trying to get him.

Life's journey often takes us to places, people, jobs or circumstances that we didn't plan on or being involved in. New experiences, new personalities or new places, can make us uncomfortable because it's new. At times these situations bring the thoughts of "nope, I don't like this uncomfortable feeling", "I just want to go back to what I know.", "this isn't the way this played out in my head", "this job isn't what I expected", "this relationship isn't the way I seen it in my mind.". Then thoughts of going back to the familiar creeps in and the longing for comfort begins to grow.

At one point in time we've all wished there was a time machine or a genie to grant us a wish to go back in time and change things. But in reality there is no going back, only moving forward. Redirection in life most times is not voluntary, I'd say it happens when we are least expecting it and it can feel like rejection or even punishment, it's all relative to perspective. Training your thought patterns to look at things from a bigger picture and not just the narrow blinders of this exact moment, you can start to see the opportunities and the blessings of the redirection.

Just like the Bugs Bunny adventures, the redirection will challenge you. Sometimes there will be people or circumstances that are trying to devour you, distract you or trap you. Having to adapt, quick thinking and hard decisions are all part of life. Life isn't easy or hard it just life, but having the ability to navigate and learn from the moments we get to experience is a super power. Knowing how to see "what is meant for me to will be for me", is a life changer. It's simple, but not easy. The older I get, I'm realizing most actions required to living a fulfilled life are that way.

With the close of this year rapidly approaching and as events begin to redirect your path, try to: enjoy the space you're in, finding the blessing and seeing the strength being created by by the pressing. Life's redirection leads us to the place of preparation for life's next station. You might have missed the left at Albuquerque, but the path is taking you to the stops you didn't know you needed to reach your destination.

Much Love!

No matter where life takes you: Do You | Dream Big | Stay Solid

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