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Focus Forward

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality" George Lucas

"Where focus goes, energy flows" - Tony Robbins

There is a commonly used phrase that saws the only certain things in life, are taxes and death. While I agree, I think there is one vital piece missing, change. I'm a big routine person that does enjoys being spontaneous, basically a walking contradiction haha. Even in my daily routines when I really look at them, I see changes. They are usually small, hard to see changes but changes none the less. Other days, the changes are so noticeable I find myself saying what the hell happened today. This happens more often that I like to admit.

On the days my routine goes out the window, it can feel overwhelming. I find myself initially focusing on all the events I didn't plan for and scramble to try and put the day back in its routine box. By doing this I start to focus on the problems and not the end game of the day. It's my natural instinct to do this which is not productive, stresses me out, alters my perspective of the day, often shifting to the negative.

I find it too easy to stay in these moods when I only focus on the negative in the moment. My emotions take charge and then the scenarios of how this event, conversation, rude persons actions, incorrect food order, traffic accident, are going ruin my life. I know, not dramatic at all.

While change can be disruptive, uncomfortable and inconvenient, it's also necessary for growth. With out being uncomfortable or bothered humans hardly change their behaviors.

So what can you do when you find yourself like me, stuck in a mood. Here are a few tips that help me cope and adjust:

  1. Breathe- I take two quick, deep breaths in my nose out and exhale out my mouth. This helps my body calm and allows me to refocus on my breathing rather than the negative emotions I'm feeling.

  2. Gratitude- I think about 2-3 things that I am thankful for. By doing this, my mind shifts focus from the stressor to the good.

  3. Remind myself who I am- This one seems kind of funny but its really an exercise in reassurance. This is when I remind myself of previous victories and accomplishments. Reminding myself that I am fully capable and able to do things I previously thought were not obtainable.

  4. Check Engine Light- Ask myself when was the last time I ate, drank water, caffeine etc. Do I need a nap? Do I need a little snacky snack? All these things effect your physical, mental and emotional responses.

  5. Check Myself- This step can be the hardest because it requires honesty with myself and then making the appropriate corrections. Question #1 I ask myself in slightly different terms is "Are you being a little baby (insert adult language haha) . If so stop it and get it done.

These are are all things I'm sure you've either heard of or tried before. My hope in sharing is that it will help remind you of what you already knew, or give you some new tools to try. That's what community is all about, sharing and helping each other out.

We are the captains of our own lives, so don't let change and tough times run you ashore. Instead, focus forward, look past the temporary challenges and difficulties and make your life the best life you can.

Much Love

Do You | Dream Big | Stay Solid

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