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There Can Only Be One



“No matter what happens, always be yourself” – Dale Carnegie

"To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are" - Roy T. Bennett

"If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be" Maya Angelou


"I can't pee for you!" You’re probably asking yourself, what in the golden shower hour is this about? It’s not a fetish post, at least I don’t’ think you can consider one. It’s a gross, yet funny straight forward statement. Another way to put it is no one can do it for you.

Have you ever watched a talented painter, musician or singer doing their thing and thought they were born for this. Or watched someone dance or speak so smoothly that they captivate you to the point touches something deep inside of your being? They just own it is and you know it's an extension of who they are.

Or on the flip side, you go to a show or watch a performance that just seems off. Where the performer looks uncomfortable or not confident in what they are doing. Even though they are talented it just doesn't fit and is kind of awkward.

Something magical happens when we operate in our uniqueness, doing things in a way that only we can do, that no ones can do for or like us. I'm 100% convinced that there are certain things in life that can only be done by a specific individual that produce an end result that can not be duplicated or recreated at the same level by anyone else. Even our quirks that seem similar are uniquely our own.

With parts of every culture copying, mimicking or trying to reproduce someone else's results, but I'd say "Do You". Do the best you, that only you can do. No one else can do you, like you. Embrace it, there can only be one.

Much Love

Do You | Dream Big | Stay Solid

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